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  1. No alcohol, smoking or substance usage on the journey

  2. Use of abusive language/insults. Expression/Display of aggression or violent behaviour, either verbal or physical, irrespective of whatever the provocation

  3. Violation of social boundaries without consent - physical, verbal or emotional.

Violation of any of the above non-negotiables will invite immediate dismissal from the journey, and there shall be no refund given. 




In order to ensure that all our participants can have a conducive atmosphere for their learning, and a safe and healthy atmosphere for their stay, we request all our guests to read and agree to the following guidelines. 


3. The venue is an intentional community space, and we request the participants to adhere to the rules of decorum while staying here. Participants shall maintain silence after 10pm, and abstain from speaking loudly or creating noise throughout the duration of their stay. 

4. Be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. 

5. Take efforts to ensure everybody feels safe, and supported.

6. Please come with an open mind, and be accommodative rather than entitled. 

7. In aspiring to  make our space non-discriminatory, gender equal, and respectful to all communities, strive to be extra mindful about any comments and words that might amount to violating such spirit. 

8. As we will be staying in places like community halls and temples, we request you to kindly avoid wearing short or sleeveless clothes to avoid hurting the sentiments of local villagers. Public display of affection is henceforth prohibited.

9.   Please let us know if you have any food allergies, medical histories or conditions like epilespsy etc. 

Co-creation,  Co-responsibility and Co-  of the festival experience.

Dont’ come with consumer mindset. 

Move from doing to being. Slow down. Take things as they come with acceptance and gratitude.

Empathy and looking out for each other. Doing small things that make life wonderful for each other.


Agreements : 


 Schedule, Artists and Itinerary can be changed at the last moment due to any unexpected situations. 

We are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings, personal illness, injury or accidents that any guest might suffer during their stay with us. 

We reserve the right to ask any participant to leave at any point for violation of non-negotiables, and we are not liable to refund the registration amount if that happens. 

How to reach Rishikesh

By Air

The nearest airport from Rishikesh is Jolly Grant Airport, which is  20 Kms away (and serves as the airport for both Rishikesh and Dehradun city). Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport is 250kms away, and the journey between Delhi and Rishikesh can be done by road (with regular buses from ISBT, Kashmiri Gate every half an hour) or by Rail, and would take about six hours.


By Railways

Rishikesh has two railway stations ( Yog Nagari Rishikesh and Rishikesh) which have trains connecting to various parts of the country. Please make sure you search with both names when you are looking for trains, as one is not automatically included when you search for the other.   Some trains run only until Haridwar, which is 23 kilometres away, or till Raiwala, which is 11 kms away, and both these places have regular buses and shared autos plying to Rishikesh.  You could also reach Delhi by train, and choose to travel to Rishikesh from there by bus or another train.


By Road

Rishikesh is connected with Delhi(250kms) by Road, and takes about six hours. Nearest cities are Haridwar(23kms) and Dehradun(35kms). 

Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

-Is this a festival, a travel journey or a string of music concerts along the river ?

It is all them, and more.

-Can I arrive a day early, or leave a day after ?

The festival journey starts at 11am on the morning of 6th April (Day#1) in Rishikesh, and after travelling for six days, ends at 5pm on the 11th April(Day#6)  back in Rishikesh. Those arriving a day early on the 5th April, or planning to  leave a day after the festival journey ends, are welcome to stay at our festival accommodation (pro rata).

-Can we join mid-way through the festival or leave mid-way ?

We would strongly discourage participants from joining midway or leaving midway through the travelling festival as our journey is  a planned  process of progressive  immersion/transformation for our participants/yatris. However, if you absolutely can’t afford to do it and would still like to be a part, you can join/leave our travelling festival at any of the places along the way (transport to/from that place shall be arranged on your own). Please also note that finding transport in the mountains, especially buses or shared vehicles takes long, and  is usually not an easy task. There shall also be no rebate in cost for the days missed, in case you are not there for the whole period. 

-How much travel are we going to be doing ?

The distance between Rishikesh and Gangotri is 254 kilometres, which would be covering both ways in about six days, an average of 85 kilometres a day. That would be about 3 or 4 hours of travel each day. 

-Can we use our personal vehicles?

Yes, you could bring your own vehicles and travel along with us on the journey. There would however, be no difference in the charges.

-What is the weather going to be like ?

Rishikesh is going to be warm/hot with a highest temperature of 35 degrees celsius. As we travel higher into the mountains, it gets cooler in Uttarkashi (lowest night temperature of 9 degrees celsius), and very cold in Gangotri (with a highest temperature of about 10 degrees)

-What should we be packing/bringing?

Sufficient clothes and Warm clothes. Blankets and sheets shall be provided. A full list of possible things to pack/bring shall be shared with you separately.

-How are the accommodation arrangements going to be? What about the toilets? Are there going to be western toilets?

The accommodation is going to be comfortable, yet basic. Sometimes, twin-sharing, sometimes four-sharing or more, sometimes in tourist guest houses, other times in ashrams.  Bedsheets, blankets and warm quilts will be provided. Most places would have western toilets, but it’s possible that at times there aren’t. 

-Can we bring our tents/sleeping bags?

You needn’t, but you could if you want to. 

-Can we bring kids ?

Yes, the festival is kids friendly. We would recommend you bring your kids if they are above 6 years of age. Kids under the age of 10 will be charged half the cost for registering. 

-I am a foreign resident/NRI, can I make the transfer through international payments ?

Yes, please contact us through whatsapp/instagram/email and we shall share the payment details for international payments, or any other modes of payment.

-What is the Refund policy?

In case you wish to cancel your registration, we will be refunding the amount after deducting an amount of 2,000/- from it.  However,  the registration can be transmitted to another person  without any charge. In case of cancellation of Yatra from our end due to any reason however unlikely, the donation amount is fully-refundable. In case of rejection of a participation from our end prior to the festival, the donation amount will be refunded fully.

-Can I go for River Rafting in Rishikesh during the festival? 

If you plan to do river rafting, bungee jumping or any other activities in Rishikesh, please plan to do it outside the festival days. 

-Will we be able to visit Gangotri temple/other temples/ other places of interest during this festival ? Would we be visiting Gaumukh, where the river originates from the glacier?

The Gangotri temple would be closed during our visit to the pilgrim destination (It opens only for six months a year, starting from 22 April onwards). The temple town and its ghats(where we shall have a musical gathering) would be open to visitors however. Gaumukh is a 22kms trek from Gangotri town (usually takes 2-3 days to cover both ways), and we wouldn’t be going there as it’s not a part of our itinerary. We would discourage any participants who plan to stay back and go on a Gaumukh trek leaving the journey midway, because we arrive in Gangotri on Day#4, and we start our descent back towards Rishikesh on Day#5 finally arriving in Rishikesh on Day#6. 


-Will we get to go shopping in the places we’d be visiting ?

Outside of our planned musical gatherings, workshops and travel plans, there wouldn’t be much time for anything else, shopping included. We would request the participants not to plan activities like shopping, or sightseeing on their own for which they have to leave the cohort, while they are a part of the festival journey.

-I really want to be a part of this journey, but I am unable to pay for it. Is there any way I can join?

Please write to us at

-Can I volunteer for this festival ?

Yes, we do offer volunteer opportunities at our festival. Seva or the spirit of service is one of our core values of our festival. If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position, please fill in our volunteer form :


-Are there any group discounts?

Sorry, we wouldn’t be able to offer any group discounts.

Packing Suggestions & Checklist

Remember to :

 -Pack light, and take only what is absolutely essential ( “Jitna kam samaan rahega, utna safar aasaan rahega”, The lighter the baggage, the easier the journey)

-please try to cover all that you carry  in one backpack or trolley bag because that would be easier to transport during transit. Else, it would be wise to carry it in all two - a small backpack that you carry with you at all times(for things you need throughout like chargers/powerbanks/waterbottles etc.), and another larger duffel bag/attache for clothes and other stuff that you need to open only once or twice a day. 

- Only jio (and airtel, to an extent) work seamlessly on this route. If you need to be connected through mobile while on the journey, please get these sim cards along with you. 

- The nights get cold, please get along warm clothes - jackets, shawls, warm socks, gloves, mufflers. You will be provided with blankets and quilts, but also do get your own warm blankets if you can. 

- Please carry a copy of your ID (adhar card or passport) with you at all times.


Please try and get any of the below things you feel you need to bring with you : 


- hot water bottles, hot water bags, in case you need.

- Quick energy foods like chikki/chocolate bars/energy bars for those times when you need energy between meals, or when meals get delayed. 

-Large and light covers/bags to pack used clothes/ discards.  Waterproof covers/plastic bags to pack wet clothes etc. in case there is rain.

-Medicines, if you are on medication. 

-Mobile Chargers, power banks. 

- toothpaste and toothbrush. Other toiletries

- Noteoooks/pen/sketchpads

-Music Instruments, cameras,sketch pad and pencils, songs, play lists, games etc.

- Shoes that you are comfortable walking in.

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